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FREE Half day One-2-One NLP based training for executives, Directors & CEO's (subject to availability - terms and conditions apply)


One-2-Two Training

On Thursday afternoons/evening @ our London venue we offer a Certificated NLP Practitioner Training Program, including Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and NLP  limited to 2 people over a 6 week period. 



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Special Offer -  FREE Half day One-2-One NLP based training for executives, Directors & CEO's (subject to availability - terms and conditions apply)

Register for our FREE One-2-One half day training for Executives, Directors, CEO's  worth 750. 

We understand that whilst you may wish to undertake an intensive NLP training course it is not always possible to get a full 7 days off  from work especially for a busy executive. We therefore offer a real alternative and offer our training courses in a series of half or day training events run generally on a One-2-One basis (you are allowed to bring an additional person with you at no further cost). This way we can address your specific needs and concentrate on those areas that are most important to you and your organisation.

The times and dates of training sessions can be agreed with in advance with the flexibility of either training at our central London venue or at your office or alternative venue.


Why not Book your FREE half day training at our London venue worth 750 now , before you decide to book regular training sessions -  email for full details: NLP Training 


NLP Training & Coaching for Executives, Directors and CEO's.

Our NLP training courses and professional coaching can be utilised in any of the following areas, although we specialise in training for Executives, Directors and CEO's, so if you have other interests outside of your normal work you will find added value to the training given:

NLP Training in Executive Business coaching: enables leadership and management development and increases performance. Develop your business in the best way possible by focusing on achievable goals.

NLP Training in Organisational and corporate development: By ensuring staff have the right negotiation, influencing, Communication, sales , management, leadership and coaching skills. If staff values and company values are aligned the company will be successful as everyone in the company works to achieve the same goals.

NLP Training in Effective Management and leadership: learn to use the language effectively to get the best out of yourself and your team. learn to influence and negotiate with ease to create winning solutions and teams.

NLP Training in Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing professionals can develop better communication skills and can learn to sell to people in the way they like to be sold to by listening to language patterns, looking at eye movements and understanding body language. 

NLP Training in Personal development and coaching: enables individuals to take charge of their lives by getting rid of limiting beliefs and negativity and other issues that may be holding you back.

NLP Training in Counseling and communication: Problems with loved ones, friends and family can be easily resolved by learning to communicate more effectively and by understanding others' needs, wants and aspirations       

NLP Training in Sports: Athletes, Martial Arts, team sports etc: Getting motivated and in the correct state of mind to achieve results will enable sportsmen and women to reach goals and targets more easily.

NLP Training in Education and Learning: NLP can and is used in the teaching profession. Learning the techniques can improve the way a teacher teaches and a student learns. Parents can assist in the development of their children by understanding the way their child learns. Grades can be improved using NLP - various case studies have shown up to a 2 grade increase i.e. a "C" student can become an "A" student in a relatively short period of time.

NLP Training for Writers, Actors, Designers and Free Thinkers: can learn to take their talent to the next level or to ensure that they remain focused on the tasks to hand. It is well known that creativity flows from the unconscious mind. NLP can assist in accessing the resources that may not always be readily available by enabling free flow between the conscious and unconscious mind.

"Yes, Please send me Details of when and how I can book my Free Training session worth 750." 

In the meantime please accept a copy of our short course - Body Language Magic: How to read and make body movements for maximum success

If you would like to book a free training session or know more about our NLP training please enter your email address below and we will get back to you. In the meantime we will send you our: 

FREE Body language Course

 This course will guide you through the art of reading and using body language.

 The course would normally cost you 129 to attend however you will get the same course in electronic format absolutely free. 

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NLP Training Company - NLP Training London based 
We are a specialist NLP training company that delivers training in NLP and related disciplines specifically to Executives, Directors and CEO's including but not limited to: NLP Coaching as well as HR, Leadership and Management courses, Sales Training, Presentation skills, Negotiation and Influencing skills and Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis.

Our Principle Trainer Nadeem Malik is well versed in business being a qualified Chartered Taxation Advisor as well as a Business Risk Manager having worked in BDO, KPMG and The Royal Bank of Scotland in senior positions.

The Nadeem trained in NLP with with Drs Tad and Adriana James (who in turn have trained with Anthony Robbins and Richard Bandler amongst others), after having studied NLP related techniques and Hypnosis techniques for over 20 years.

Our other trainers have studied with Bandler (co-founder of NLP), Grinder (Co-founder of NLP), Chris Howard, Wyatt Woodsmall (co-founder of Time Line Therapy)

We are pleased to offer our NLP training certification in line with the following Bodies:


We are therefore in a unique position to offer NLP training and nlp based training in all aspects of business as well as Therapy and personal and business coaching.

Why not contact us to arrange a free session to discuss your NLP training or other requirements.

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